Marulani Game Ranch


At Marulani Private Nature Reserve

Below is a list of many (but by no means all) of the grass types to be found at the Marulani Private Nature Reserve. They have been listed by their English and Afrikaans names.

Grass types at Marulani include:

The farm is in the Savanna Biome (wooded grasslands), the Central Bushveld Bioregion and the vegetation type is Waterberg Mountain Bushveld, including the foothills, escarpment and tablelands north of Bela Bela. Altitude about 1200 -1500 metres. Rugged mountains with vegetation grading from Faurea saligna-Protea caffra bushveld on higher slopes through broad-leaved deciduous bushveld (dominated by Diplorhynchus condylocarpon) on rocky mid- and footslopes to Burkea afrikana- Terminalia sericea savanna in the lower-lying valleys as well as on deeper sands of the plateaus. The grass layer is moderately developed or well developed.

Grass at Marulani